They Are Terrorists!

"We are terrorists, We are terrific, We are bad & We are French electro band." They say & they are! As doomful & horrific as their name is their music which is far from even being remotely related to mainstream, camouflaging angry pop songs as vulgar & harsh electro-rock bombs! Bilingually swinging from English to French (vocally) it gives me a hard time understanding what they're singing about, yet their music does all the talking with it's strong punchy beats, distorted bass, guitar hums & of course their electronic melody creating terribly lovable tunes to slash your ear drums & tear those club speakers apart, this is one of those bands where their music only shines when played obscenely loud!

They have finished recording 6 tracks till this day! The first single is the walkie talkie generated vocal, jittery bass & noisy guitar driven "Rejoins Nous" (Join Us) which is basically an invitation to join their army & support their mission to terrorize music, "Ground Zero" a baroque track to strut & rave to with am adamantine shinichi osawa-like rock body, "Emergency 911" their not-so-ctachy-not-so-perfectly-pronounced-english song which surprisingly is good for that reason! Fag-a lot "Achete Mes Disques" & I'm sexy "L'Attentat De 15h30" both have traces of death eurodance particles to them, & my personal favorite (probably their softest) the instrumental "Western Spaghetti" which is absolutely delicious, It sounds like something daTA, Boys Noize & Teenage Bad Girl would come up with by freestyling simultaneously at a gig.

* Achete Mes Disques

* Ground Zero

* Rejoins Nous

* Emergency 911

* Western Spaghetti

* L'Attentat De 15h30

Bonus: Revolte - Ironical Sexism (We Are Terrorists Remix)

Who wouldn't like them, I mean look at their band logo (if that isn't psychedelically hot enough) then I don't know what is!

Interview : We Are Terrorists!

* Hello Terrorists, what did you do today?

Ben : Nothing... like everyday, why?

Nico: I slept !

* Ready for Interrogation?

Ben : Always !

Nico: ok I'll leave my shoes..

* First of all, what's with the name? Seriously… since when did terrorism become fashionable enough to be named after! Or wait... are you really terrorists who bomb airports by day and play in a band by night?

Nico: I think everything can be fashionable if you have the C K logo on your hidden face!! But as you can see in our video clip "rejoins nous" we really are terrorists !!! We eat children , we reap little animals, and we strike facilities..

Ben : I think I'm a food terrorist, just give me some plates and you'll see ...

* Are you in any ways involved with Al-Qaeda?

Ben : My name is ben lamoulatamere, which can be in a way next to some terrorists groups!!

Nico: I don't think we have the same hair though... at all!

* Your music is real bad ass rough electro rock but if you listen closely you realize it's actually built over a pop foundation! What made you go for such a harsh sound? How did your music take that shape?

Nico: You must notice that we are fans of french pop singers like : guy marchand or serge regiani , I think it leads us to this type of music.

Ben : We like distortion, we put it every here , we love to make keybords screaming like guitars and we like to chop guitars and use it as a keyboard.

* Weren't you afraid by adopting that style you would be limiting the number of interested record labels, I mean these days they just want what appeals to the most people! & your music is strictly NOT mainstream!?

Ben : I think whatever you do, you will end up limiting your publicity, But then I think it's possible for us to go mainstream cause our lyrics are fun and we are just as they are.

Nico: I do not really think that labels are open & courageous enough to sign some hidden people like us!!

* Did you study music? Like do you have a degree in it?

Ben : yes I studied wood at school when i was 6!

Nico: I've been playing guitar for 2 weeks now!!!

* Even though most of your songs are in French (& I have no idea what you're singing about) I still think it would work for a foreign listener since it did for me! What are the meanings of the titles & what does each song talk about?

Rejoin Nous:

Ben : It Means: join us , join the community , with us destroy conformity

I spell everyone of our targets with some easy puns...

Achete Mes Disques:

Ben :It means : buy my records cause I have to pay my taxes . I talk about things related to teenage life, which is in a way the target of that song.

L'Attentat 15h30:

Nico : Those ones talk about what is "we are terrorists - WAT" ! We are sound terrorists, we place bass bomb everywhere we go! Where ever we go, federal agents try to get us ! it is not funny at all.

* Any plans for re-recording them in English?

Ben : You know french is a useless language , very hard to use in a song . We hardly manage!So we will just leave them in french for now and see what happens.

Nico: Moreover, we do not speak english!!

* What's the story behind "Western Spaghetti"? It's my favorite... it does have the noise signature of "WAT" but it's somehow "Softer" if I may say... & I think it's your strongest track "production wise"! How did this track come to life & is there going to be more like it in the future?

Nico: It was ben's idea , the first and the only one I think in his entiere life. We sampled some italian western spaghetti and we played with those sounds well.

Ben : I think it was my idea like everytime (notice that nico only makes coffee in the band). We' ll probably do more stuff like that, but we do not want to plan it cause it is the best way to do some tricky stuff .

* What's your next single?

Ben : I think it will be the next for sure!

Nico: the best one sure!

* Do you have any physical Singles/EPs out?

Ben : defenitly not , people are afraid !!

Nico: Yes there are! I burn it myself with my wife!! do you want some ?

* That's one hell of a fucking hot logo you got there, who created it? Who's responsible for your artwork?

Nico: I created it myself with a friend of mine , called godordog(Think for that).

* A lot of new artists (who make their own music) like to remix unofficially tracks by other artists because it's a good way to self-promotion + it attracts different type of people! Why haven't you? If you did, then who?

Ben : we do have one on fire , but I cannot mention it to avoid problems so I'll give you just initials of the band : A C D C !?

* Would you remix for a super mainstream artist, someone like… let's say "Britney Spears"?

Nico: Britney in a way is a stronger terrorist than us , more of a hair terrorist!

Ben : I have a message for you britney! I love your sister!!!

* In your honest opinion who's the best new artist signed to "Ed Banger" & why?

Ben : I think it is kavinski cause he is not signed by ed banger! that makes him better !!

* Are people from Tokyo tokyons?

Nico: We love tokyo guys... we really love belgium of course!!

Ben : tokyo get us !!!! we are tokyotists !!We would love to play there.

* What do you have in your pockets right now?

Ben : Condoms

Nico: An Ipod, no money, so if you have more than you need just send it to us at : We are terrorists , building C in the cave just behind.

* Ok, I got to go now...

Ben : thx for the review & this.

Nico : See you tomorrow at breakfast!