Recently my friend boombap made a post about a new artist called "SymbolOne" & i think he did them justice when he said:

"If you like Danger, Futurecop!, Kavinsky... or just good electro music without words in general, you WILL like (if not LOVE) SymbolOne. Now with certified Justice seal of approval!

Quick, start liking them before everyone else does!"

Immedaitely after listening to those 2 tracks i added them on my repeate route playlist! Someone who can make music this good deserves to be noticed and loved (i tell you) & since there's not much to find out about them over the internet (yet) i decided to interview the new hot electro scientists "SymbolONe"!

DL: Everything Louder Then Everything Else

DL: Love Juice

Download these two & enjoy reading our interview, Hope you like it!

Interview: SymbolOne!

* Hey Hey Hey! Heheh How are you?

Actually i feel like crap at the moment. thnx. ;).

* What are your real names? How old are you? Why the name SymbolOne?

Eduard Raos and Vinko Pelicaric. 36 (19) and 30 (16) respectively.

Why the name... well SymbolOne haunted us for years so we just said ok we give up, we are yours, obey the symbol.

* When you say identical twins you mean…?

We are musical twins. We think and do the same. But at the moment we have same kicks too... hmm i wonder what does that say about us.

* How come you're music is so good?

Is it? Yeah some people say it is so I guess it must be. :) ..i dont know, you got me there, i guess we just make music in a way we like it ... it's cool to see that there's a people who dig your music.

* Why aren't you signed yet? Have you received any offers yet? Who do you hope to get signed with?

We made some contacts but didn't really had any serious talk about publishing or distribution. When we release something we want to have control on how that products looks and feels when you get it. We would love to have support form some indie label that takes care of their artist in similar way that Pedro and guys from Ed Bangers are taking care for each-other. Family type 😀

* People just started writing about you, how long have you had your MySpace up?

Our space is there since April 2007.

* There are three tracks on your MySpace page, tell us about each one of them! How did you end up making them, what were you thinking of while making them? & how did you want them to sound when you're done!?

Everything Louder… Then, Everything Else:

ELTEE....We did this one with our legs :) well im not sure about this one... it just came up as it is.... at that moment i listened to Van Halen and wanted to play typing solo badly, but obviously i failed :)

Love Juice:

Vinko did this one with his hands.

ahhhhh this one was a mess at the beginning... i was recording one song and playing keyboards and i wanted to record a line for it and i just started playing chords from

Love Juice in the middle of this track, so i recorded the chords and everything was there.. it was finished in a no time.... but mainly i was focused on feeling, a lot of emotions were involved here so thats why it was easy, i guess it's easier to work with massive beam of emotions and love towards someone, and thats what happened there.... jeez now i sound like a hippie, love, peace, unity hahahah

Mean Rocket:

That's our first song we are not completely happy how it sounds at the moment but it's there to remind us how we started...anyway i like it allot it's a banger hahahah !!!!!

* What equipments did you use to make your music?

Ableton, some VST's and loads of analog gear.

* Your music greatly channels the brilliance of Justice, KAvinsky & Danger! I even several times thought I was listening to "Danger" when it was actually your songs! Now the funny thing you mentioned a lot on your list of influences but none of those were included? Is it offending to be influenced by another new artist or you just didn't think your music falls under their shadow?

Those were our older influences (listed). Our newer influences are in our friends list (top mostly but not necessarily). And it's not offending, why it should be. We are influenced everyday by loads of different stuff - sounds, music, images, feelings..... So you can't say that we are influenced by anything particular. If some of our songs sounds to you like Danger or Justice or whatever maybe it's your perception :)

* We're you expecting this kind of reaction to the music from the people? I mean every blog writing about you seems to be hyped!

We are happy that people feel nice when they hear our music. Music is suppose to be making you feel good even if music itself is sad. We don't necessarily do music thinking that it should be dancing music. But since we like to dance ( all-do i cant remember when was the last time i danced, im kind of stiff lately :) ) and we feel good doing it I guess some of our songs can be dancey.

* Tell us about your first EP... which track are you going to include with "Everything Louder, Then Everything Else" & who's the chosen ones to remix it?

Ep will contain Love Juice plus one more song... will it be ELTEE or something new we'll see .... as for remixing part ... Moulinex is doing one remix and Passions is doing another so we will see how it will turn out at the end, but i really like them both.

* Since the EP is limited to 535 copies, how do you suppose normal fans are going to get their hands on one? Is it going to have a digital release? Are you going to sell them or there are strictly for promo distribution?

The idea is to create something that people will love... it has to look/feel/sound nice. It will be mostly promo. We will try to sell some via PayPal if people will be interested in buying just to cover some pressing expenses, but there will be digital release too at the end.

* Do you have any more finished tracks that you're hiding for the future?

We have tons of songs waiting to be finished. We just need a kick in the butt and a studio where we can sit and work not thinking about existence.

* Cross for Justice, Pyramid for Danger, & Helmets for Daft Punk… What's yours?

You didn't say what's all that , a cross, the pyramid...?

Those are all symbols and our name is a symbol so i don't know what shape it would be, at the moment it's a pyramid with the cross attached on the top with two helmets on each side of it !!! All symbols are ours we are just renting them :) .

* Who's responsible for your artwork?

We are, for now.

* Why is the photos section of your MySpace private, Nudity Much?

I didn't realize that. Vinko wtf... hahahha ... no there is just nothing there thats why....

* Who's (in your opinion) is the best new artist of 2007? Why?

Britney Spears. We don't know why... we love you Britney!!!

I dont know, i have a few to mention but again im not sure... somehow i totally dig what daft punk did this year...

* Who would you love to remix for in the future?

Anyone with a decent song. You know what we mean about decent song. It can be heavy metal but it has to be a good song.

* Blogs writing about new artists & posting their mp3's? Great free promotion or disposable sabotage?

It looks good until they become extended hands of some label. Payed for promotion 😀

* In a parallel realm you're… the "Super Heroes" or the "Super Villains"? Why?

Sane ... or a bit of both ... it depends on current constellations.

* Where do you like to shop for T-shirts?

On da internets hahah...

* I just checked your MySpace account again & it looks like you replaced the list of influences with a picture of an armed robot!?

It hit us like. It was a moment.

* ohh by the way when do you expect to have your EP out? Around when?

It should be ready in mid/end of January 2008 but you never know with us.

* I would love to say that I'm a fan but it's still too early for that so I'm going with "believer" because I believe you're going somewhere & sometimes next year you will be big.. It's just obvious from your music! So thank you for making music that I love & for this interview!