SymbolOne is One Mean Rocket!

.SymbolOne are the metaphorically-claiming-to-be-twins who invent emotion generating instrumental electro music & promoting their image as the geeks-in-pink-sweaters when are anything but geeks, after creating their first intended for the public track "Mean Rocket" they weren't necessarily overwhelmed by it but it was their first evidence to what their talents combined can produce & right then they knew that with a galon of sweat & a handful of aspirins they can come up with some audio pleasures; & they did with 2 immediately-to-register–into-your-brain tunes! The first is the dark ambient based "Everything Louder Then Everything Else" with its neatly steady beat, jingly bleeps, spiral faux guitar licks & progressive keys interrupted 3 minutes into it by somewhat a stuttered hospital announcement! The other track "Love Juice" has a much strident figure & especially in the distortion department with its slappy beat, grindy distorted bassline, convincing electric guitar simulated synth & even a brilliant justice-esque gloomy intermission where the beat takes a break & the music gets its 50 seconds of solo fame. If their music was made for a movie, it would probably be for "The Transformers" but this time the Decepticons would triumph.

DL: Love Juice

DL: Mean Rocket (Exclusive!)

DL: Everything Louder Then Everything Else