Sexy Kavinsky!

Kavinsky "Vincent Belorgey" is one of those artists that bring their fresh & unique music to life without any commercial promotion & still humbles us under their brilliance & makes us their believers! "Kavinsky" presents himself as an animated zombie hunk & tells a fictional story through his soft-dark-retro electronic music! It all started with the promotional video of "Testarossa Autodrive" from his 1st (EP) titled "Teddy Boy" (2006) which tells the story of how he came back to life from the dead!

"Testarossa Autodrive" Storyline:

kavinsky accidently collides in his ferrari with another car on a narrow road & drives off a cliff, Police arrive to the scene & he gets rushed to the hospital but sadly nothing the doctors did could've revived him & he was declared dead. Later on with his body laying on a cold stainless steel table in the morge a dark & mysterious power brings him & his car back to life! Immediately he escapes from the hospital & goes to claim his ferrari back form the car impound & escapes in it to pursuit "revnge" as a living dead.. the rest of the story continues through his brilliant retro electro music of his second (EP) titled "1986" (2007) which is the year the accident took place in!


1. Testarossa Autodrive (3:37)

2. Transistor (1:22)

3. The Crash (1:44)

4. Testarossa Nightdrive (3:29)

5. Ghost Transistor (1:39)

6. Dead Cruiser (3:33)

7. Flashback (1:27)

8. Grand Canyon (3:15)

9. Wayfarer (4:29)

Official Remixes:

* Testarossa Autodrive (Mr. Oizo T42 1 Mix)

* Testarossa Nightdrive (Arpanet Rework)

* Testarossa Overdrive (SebastiAn Remix)

Seriously, any artist that invests that much thought & effort into his image as much as his music should deserve the upmost attention & respect from every electronica junkie out there!

From now on i will be paying alot of attention to "Kavinsky" & new comer "Danger" who by the way also promotes himself as an animated character & i'm guessing his video will be animated with a story involved (i hope so)! "Kavinsky" & "Danger" have kinda the same style & taste in music, but "kavinsky" has been making/showcasing music publicly way before "Danger"!