Lazer Disko Stylo

If Twitter is your new favorite online hang out spot then you surely heared everyone talking about the Alex Metric remix, with many DJs praising it and lots of drooling fans going bonkers digging the internet for a sneak peek.

Alex Metric took over Radio One and dropped a bunch of killer exclusives including a new massive Russ Chimes remix of The Vanish 'Hold On' and then closed the show with the Stylo remix, which was completely unexpected since he earlier announced he wasn't going to play that!

A spacey super laser à-la-levan disco odyssey crafted for the dancefloors , ideally fitting as an anthem in the Dance Dance Revolution series, something Gorillaz Sound System should dress their DJ sets with because like a fully studded leather jacket it sparkles and demands everyone's attention, total careless bodywork bliss.

Let the remix talk for it self.

Other official remixes come from: Yuksek, DJ Kofi.