Interview: Loose Shus

He's one of the many embracing 80s synth pop, but every time we come across a new artist in the category they bring a new side, a special side to their music making it stand out from the rest. It's still too early to judge on Loose Shus' talent, but you can get a taste of what his music's like & where he's going with it. Check out this interview & download couple of his songs then make your mind whether you like him or hate him (or even wait further more before deciding). Enjoy.

DL: Bodybath

DL: Threesome

*Both links are now updated with a 320kbps rips of the songs, thanx to Loose Shus.

Interview : Luzius!

Calling him 3 in the morning for the interview, Luzius was drunk & mean. Thank god he turns back to the good Luzius once he's sober, he apologized & offered to redo the interview properly since the former made no sense (was funny though, made me laugh lol)!

Hey it's me Faisal, how's it going?

Good, thanks.

Are you sober enough to make sense this time?

Ha-ha Of course, shoot.

Ok, I tend to ask this question on the beginning of every interview! why did you choose the name "Loose Shus"? Why not "Lu Shus"?

It's my name, Luzius, phonetically spelled. Once people can say it right I'm going back with Luzius (It means "bringer of light"). For now, I guess I was trying to bite the band Nu Shooz but it's not coming off. I also like the KOOL cigarettes logo, so I kind of forced those two O's in the name just so I could cross them, Olympics style.

If you're your music was a product, what type of stores would be selling it & under which section?

It would be in a video store, I'd like it be in the section called Fantasy. Usually they bundle Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but if you get lucky they'll separate them for you. I don't know what the musical equivalent to that is.

When did you start making music? Did you study it?

I started making music about 6 years ago. I studied film, and got way into soundtracks, and it was this weird, but natural progression out of film and into music.

What Equipments, Instruments, Programs do you use to create your music?

Ableton, an Akai AX60, & a lot of VSTS.

Who are you mainly influenced by?

I don't actually know who really influences me the most. But, my biggest inspiration comes from Italian composers of the seventies. I am really into Giallo films, so Goblin and Fabio Frizzi are the two big ones. I wouldn't be making music if it wasn't for them. They are my two top friends on MySpace.

By the way, you were recommended to me by SymbolOne! How do you know them?

I just met them, they're awesome! It's an internet thang. I'm doing a remix for them right now, and hopefully we'll get to do more stuff together.

It's obvious that you like to render your music through a certain image! What's with the erotica related track titles & images on your MySpace?

I'm trying to narrate that aesthetic. I think it's really important to get in touch with what you're expressing, like you're bringing this whole imaginary world out. In seventies cop movies, they always have the classic shot at night panning across some avenue in New York from inside a car. There are always hookers, and random guys just walking around, but they're like real guys, not paid extras. That's my imaginary world. I should probably move it to Hawaii or somewhere nicer, maybe I'll do that next spring, but then my music would suck.

You have a bunch of tracks on your MySpace player & to be honest while I was going through them I thought "Hmmm these are nice, but there's nothing here that I haven't heard before"… then "Bodybath" started playing & I went "Wow, Now This I Like"! I'm sure a full mastered version with a breakdown will sound hot… seriously why haven't you finished it?

Have you ever been in a restaurant and accidentally looked at a guy in the mirror when you didn't know it was a mirror, and it takes you about 2 seconds to realize that you're actually looking at yourself? Well, with making music, the same phenomenon occurs. When you're trying to make good decisions about what to finish and what to ditch, you can only do it in those 2 seconds. I think as you go it becomes easier, but for right now I have no idea what to do. But, I plan that, I always liked it, I just needed to let it sit for a minute.

Recently you finished a track called "Threesome"! How long did it take you to create it? Is this the final version of it? Tell me about it?

It took a while. My friend Alex from Team Everything got me all hyped to run the bass to VHS tape, but my VCR broke, so I ran it through an old normal stereo amp, turned it way up, like to 12, and recorded that back in from the headphone jack. It made the bass sound all metallic and weird when it hits high notes. I just kept doing weirder and weirder stuff to that track. The entire first half is pitched down, it happened on accident, like I literally bumped the pitch knob and it just sounded so cool, so I said fuck it, I'm going to pitch down the entire first half of this track. Then the middle has that ridiculous chord segue that's so big, people don't even notice the big change in pitch.

WOW! You know what, you just typed the hottest review of "threesome" by just explaining the process, seriously!

So, Are you going to infuse guitar & distortion in your future music (since they are both the most appealing elements in the scene right now) I'm sure you know?

Probably, but distortion can be a bit of a crutch. I want to make sure I'm using it for the right reasons.

Any more tracks or remixes in the making?

Yeah, the symbol one remix, and I have a ton of my own stuff in the works.

How about previous ones?

I have remixed a track for Astra Moveo, I don't do too many unofficial remixes of like big artists Although I did remix a Jodeci song once.

Who in your honest opinion made the best music this year?

Russ Chimes, Miami Horror, and pretty much everyone from the Valerie crew are all currently blowing my mind.

Rainbows or Football?

Depends on the girl.

Heheh… This was Fun! Ok man I got to go… ran out of Redbull (ahh the misery)!

*Sigh*, I'm out of beer.