Interview : DANGER!

Originaly there were more questions but due to language difficulties (me not speaking french/him not so good in english) we ended up with the ones we could make sense out of!

* First of all I want to congratulate you for your instant success, creating such buzz around you form just a MySpace account & for releasing your "09/14 2007" EP digitally!

Thank you very much; it was a big surprise for me!

* Now this is usually a generic question to start any interview off, but with you it's a primary one! What's with all the mystery? I mean there's no biography or info on your MySpace or your label site? Tell us about you, the real person?

I'm an illustrator & a graphic designer. I'm very imaginative & I love telling stories & communicating to the senses. I spent a specific part of my youth in front of a computer screen, books, & gaming consoles. I designed comic strips. I love film, art, video games & synthesizers.

* I read somewhere that you got 2 or 3 offers from electronica record labels before Ekler'O'Shock? Why did you choose them?

Yes, I had received some offers before Elker'o'Shock, but I rally love the artists there.

* I know you did all the astonishing graphics showcased on your MySpace! Do you have a degree or you're one of those gifted self taught designers?

I studied Graphic Art/Design for three years, but I've been doing illustrations since I was young.

* Why did you choose to promote yourself as a fictional/animated character?!

I wanted to tell a story that makes people enter into my universe while forgetting everything else. I use two personalities: one masked, one human… I use these to juxtapose the real in the fictitious, & the fictitious in the real. I also like masks in general because I'm quite shy!

* You know there is another hyped about artist "Kavinsky" whose doing the same thing? Right?

I've made music for video games & 'Chip Tunes' for at least 5 years now, It's definitely the culture for me. One can utilize the same gimmick/style/EQ Levels if needed. I think that its conductive to communal influences after seeing something like two rock groups showing something completely different. I honestly do what I've always wanted to do without being too preoccupied with the other stuff. I use sounds with an emotional charge. In his project, I tried to convey the senses of somewhat like those of a child.

* What's the deal with the pyramids & ancient Egyptian clues in your gloomy graphics?

All civilizations have something that is mysterious & inspires fantasy. I love ancient Egypt because my grandfather was an archeologist & was very passionate about it. He was fascinated by Egypt too.

* Do you believe that the image you project is as important as your music? Why?

Yes, Absolutely. One doesn't work without the other. & for me, I need to associate everything with music. The music which is the strongest is that which attaches itself firmly to reality, at least those which have the means to do so.

* So Is "11H30" you're first official single? Is there going to be an animated video for it?

I can't comment on this at this very moment, but concerning the video…YES!

* In the process of making you music, Weren't you afraid it wasn't going to appeal to the masses?

I never thought of it that way, I just wanted to express my work to people.

* What's the story you're trying to tell with your music?

I don't try to be overly nostalgic. Everyone knows how to do that. In this project, I've tried to mimic the senses of a child, where all emotions are amplified… their fears, the mystery. When I was young, I made imaginary worlds all the time. My family had lots of pretty severe problems & I was in the middle, so I tried to draw these stories. It's in the spirit of this that I do this work, but always on a foundation of reality.

* Whose vocals are on "11h30" & what are the lyrics to the chorus?

It's my voice! & the different syllables of the words are randomly mixed in a manner that makes a kind of text that people can interpret.

* I've been severely itching to get an explanation for this… What's with the weird track names? I'm guessing it's timings but still, why & based on what? Explain please!

We can say that I think that one hour is as evocative as an emotional feeling or a literary classic (book). I've lived my life to pay attention to the time & honestly found that the door to a 20:45 or a 14h is within & of themselves, altogether with the feelings involved… So imagine one for 14h54, it's kind of a mind fuck!

* Other tracks can be streamed on your MySpace "9H20" & "Revolte at 22h10" why didn't you include them on your "09/14 2007" EP?

They will be soon available!

* I'm surprised that with all this hype you still haven't remixed for other artists!

Actually I'm in the process of remixing for some artists at the moment, but I can't name any.

* If you ever wanted to co-produce a track with someone, who would it be?

I can't say… maybe The Flirts.

* Blogs writing about new artists & posting their mp3s? Great free promotion or disposable sabotage?

Downloading is appositive thing in the sense that it's necessary to spread music in a way that evolved with the society/industry.

* What do you think of Justice's album "†"? A lot of people are swearing it's the best album released this year!

It's a nice album. I like Justice because they contribute to a change in the electronic music. They're criticized by some who accuse them of taking an entire musical genre & making it vulgar & re-selling it as "POP".

* I read on your MySpace that you're working on your album! How's that coming along? When do you expect to finish working on it?

I really can't say at this moment. But it will finish when I have done my best.

* Now that the EP is out, are you going to disappear till the album is ready?

Another EP will come out early next year!

* Thank you so much for your time & looking forward to experience whatever you have for us in the future, it looks like you're going to be around for a very long time, lucky us!

Thanks a lot to you!