IndieRecords and songs

The independent music or often shortened “Indie Music” is not just a music genre but the musicians living on this genre firmly believe that is also a lifestyle. Their main characteristic is their Do-It-Yourself approach to recording and publishing, showing independence from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.

Their indie records are very different from other as they stick close to their approach of wanting to achieve their goals by themselves, trying to pleasure their fans but at the same time without losing their style just to make their indie songs more commercial.

Compared to the indie musicians, commercial bands have a much easier way of life as they are mainly focused on making concerts with the mentality to just obtain profits no matter if the songs fit their style or not. In contrast, indie groups write their own songs and look for styles that will fit what they are looking to reach as market. Usually indie or “ indy music “ is free and they record their songs on live stages.

Also speaking of Indie Lifestyle, most of the indie groups have their wild-hipster dress style, a characteristic dress style followed by their fans and Indie lovers and inspired in their indie records, being so trendy nowadays that it became really appealing even to the non-Indie public.

Some examples of indie records are Panda Bear, Iron & Wine and the new album from The Puscifer: V.

To summarize, the style of artists to produce indie records is more of an attitude, fighting to achieve their goals on their own, rejecting the commercial music and being loyal to their style. And even though that might be seen as hard to accomplish and a very stressful situation, as they say their best thing to heal any disease or stress is their original music.