Indie Music Lifestyle and songs

Indie Music lifestyle is very different from others, pop or music that aren't working with independents have a much easier way of life. They are mainly commercial groups and make concerts to make money no matter if the songs fit their style or not. Differently indie groups write their own songs and look for styles that will fit what they are looking to reach as market. Usually indie or indy music is free and they record on live stages.

Indie musicians aren't looking for fame and tons of money, they are doing what they like to do, music. There are many groups that start making indie songs and then when they get a big opportunity they don't even doubt about it and make it to the commercial side. Just to mention a big group that had this problem is Nirvana, they started as indie music and then they got a big chance, although they tried to stay on a style that was a good fit for them, their indie fans were not that happy with the change.

Many think that indie lifestyle is full with drugs, alcohol and sex all the time, this is a false statement and many of the indie musicians share that though they are wild on stage they keep their lifestyle, but continue to go to work and do normal things. This is a big difference with commercial groups that once they pass their first year they have enough money to spend it on drugs, alcohol and companions.

Addictions come to those commercial groups that are able to afford it, as an indie lifestyle musician tell, there are many that think that pop or country musicians are not as wild as rock ones, when in some cases their addictions even surpass them. Some common addictions are pills and alcohol that they can get anywhere, some commercial artists take some drug to increase the excitement during concerts, this pill in a small dose creates a hyperactive effect that will accelerate them.

Most of the indie groups have their family and they dress a bit wild because they think and that they should be what they are on stage and not just pretend to be someone they are not for fame and money. Indie music lifestyle is hard, but still not as filled with issues as commercial music.