Dangerous Love Juice

Ol' Visitors of Ohh! Crapp... Sure know how much we love these 2 electro heads and we've been waiting for their have-been-taking-ages-to-be-released-with-no-confirmed-date-yet EP.

If you haven't made their acquaintance yet, then you can read our interview with them or download their music here, here & here.

Anyhoo... the mysterious, dark and animated frenchie Danger have attacked 'Love Juice' with his chaotic synths and we support it.

DL: SymbolOne - Love Juice (Danger TV Remix)


"Single (Pink vinyl!) release date is set to 07.07.08.!

Side A: Love Juice - original

Side B: Love Juice - Danger remix

Love Juice - Moulinex remix

Luv SymbolOne"