Those Dancing Days!

Signed to Witchita Records with the you-know-whos like Bloc Party, The BumbleBeez, Peter Bjorn and John & Simian Mobile Disco, a five piece all vaginas band from sweden named after a Led Zeppelin song. I found out about them while interviewing Big Face when i asked him if there's any new talents that pulled his attention at the time.

The girls had a 5 track Selftitled EP released independently before they got signed to Witchita and proceeded with releasing the second (first being 'Hitten') commercial single 'Run Run' from their upcoming album.

Imagine the Sugababes vocals accompanied by a faux-sounding Hammond organ in an Austin Powers or a Quentin Tarrantino movie score.

DL: Those Dancing Days - Run Run

The illustration for the EP was done by Jacob Frossen who also does T-shirt designs for the ever awesome and affordable H&M.