The singer Valeria is selling real estate abroadJoseph Prigogine and Valeria (famous Russian singer) decided to sell all their property abroad. The day before they put up for sale the property in Switzerland and their luxury real estate in United Arab Emirates. 8 years ago they bought a prestigious apartment with three rooms in Dubai. This acquisition cost about 29 million rubles to them. Now all these magnificent real estate is on sale.

Despite such a lovely housing abroad they didn’t manage to settle because of the work of scam-realtors. Only after six years when a qualitative repair has been made they have the possibility to enter this luxury apartment in Dubai, but now there is no need in that, and the singer has decided to sell the prestigious apartment just after repair in Dubai. In addition, they decided to sell their own home in Switzerland, which is also standing without business on the shores of Lake Geneva. "Previously everything was great, we flew there on holidays and rested with the whole family. But the children have grown up, and the housing in Switzerland is in no need. But you need to keep an eye on it, to pay all the bills. We think to sell this real estate in Switzerland on acquaintance "- said Prigogine. Thus, the couple decided to wait with the purchase of real estate in foreign countries.

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