The melodic punk tunes makers have dusted their second hand snatched-from-junkyards equipments to make some more amazing not-super-high-pitched-this-time nor set-to-full-volume pop tune!

It seems like they are taking a break from injecting their productions with ear drum busting & severe migraine inducing distortion.

I think the mysterious Bitchee Bitchee is Princess Peach & Ya Ya Ya is probably DJ/Producer Bowser - because that's the only reasonable explanation to this awesome new videogame love theme!

DL: Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya - Love Beauty

Didn't expect them to be able to go softer and still ROCKKK, if you still crave for their mayhem disability then head to their official Myspace to download 'Before' off the player for free.. ohh and if you missed their previous releases then go here!