Ohh crapp, Best indie music!

Welcome to Ohh crapp, the online spot to find the best indie music out there. There is no one more passionate about making music than indie artists and indie bands. No, I am not saying that all those big artists out there with lucrative contracts don't love music, but because more money is dedicated towards marketing them, they tend to become more of a product, forgetting about the passion for music that land them that big contract in the first place. Thanks to this love for music and the newer, cheaper recording devices and instruments (and let's not forget the internet), is that more people are doing music than ever before.

New indie music is made everyday and thanks to world wide web, indie music bands and indie artists can release music more frequently, quickly and cheaper. More music don't always means lots of good music to listen to, so at ohh crapp we want to help you find the best independent music, ruling out the crappy hipsters clamoring for attention (no offense).

Speaking of New indie music...Here are some new songs you got to listen to. Braids, the Calgary quartet that start out as animal collective has a new single called "Native speaker". Lana del Rey and her Nancy Sinatra vibe first surprised us with her single Video Games. Now del Rey amaze us again with her newest single "Blue Jeans". Los Angeles duo, Puro Instinct, formerly known as Pearl Harbor also have a new single called "Stilyagi". England's newest cool chic Sparks also have a new single called "Crave" with a colorful video and electro pop sounds promise to give lots to talk about. Julianna Barwick and here new single "the magic place" . This is her first record for Sufjan Stevens and it will sure take you to a magic place with this song made almost entirely of her layered voice.

Before you start enjoying more of the best independent music there is, we want to remind you to support the indie industry and independent record labels and their true passion for music. Now, for more of the best indie music and indie artists check out the rest of our site, you'll probably find yourself saying ohh crapp! That IS a really good track!